How we organise your care

We offer a range of short term and long term personalised care and care related services.When we are arranging your individual care, we will follow a stringent process to ensure that you receive an individualised quality care service that meets your needs.


A trained member of our specialist care at home team receives your initial enquiry for homecare services.

We will discuss your specific care requirements with you and get to know you, as well as your needs and preferences. We will provide information on the services that are available to as well as outline costs.


Our Care Managers are skilled in assessing personal and social needs and are happy to advise you.

We will arrange for a trained member of our care at home management team to visit you at your home and carry out an assessment of your care needs, including an environmental risk assessment to ensure your safety.

They will stay in regular contact with you to make sure the care you receive reflects your changing needs.

Following this visit a fully costed personalised care package will be offered.


We choose all our staff very carefully to ensure they provide the best level of service.

We take great care in matching individuals to members of the care at home team, taking into account the expressed needs and preferences as well as the gender, cultural, religious and language appropriateness of the planned service.

We will finalise the details of your care package with you and your family, making sure you are happy with every aspect.


We will identify a trained member of our care at home team to support you in line with your individualised support plan and arrange for you to meet them to ensure that your holistic care needs are met.


Your service begins and will be reviewed periodically to ensure that any changing needs are proactively managed together.


We understand that there may be occasions when you need us to react quickly to allow an individualised care package to start immediately. In such circumstances, wherever possible, we are happy to simplify our service delivery process, in order to facilitate a faster response.