When you are suffering from a life-threatening illness, it can be a painful time for both you and your loved ones.

At Handle With Care (Black Country) Limited, we believe that palliative and end of life care should be person centred and that the needs and wishes of the Individual should be recognised and acted upon.

Our palliative care service is designed to support you during this difficult time, making life more comfortable for you and your family/friends. To facilitate this we will initiate discussions as early as possible to establish your needs, preferences and wishes. We will always take into account any specific requirements and wishes that you may have.

Our palliative care service supports adults, young people or children who have been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, whether that is terminal or curable, who wish to remain living in the comfort of their own homes.

Our palliative care services can be provided at all possible stages of illness, including pre-diagnosis, diagnosis, treatment, cure, death and bereavement.

As part of our sensitive palliative care service, we ensure that you are treated as an individual, with every effort made to maintain your dignity and respect. We will provide you with a personalised care plan that will take into account your needs, preferences and choices.

We believe that continuity of care is crucial, which is why we only select a limited number of carers to work with you and get to know you and your holistic needs.

The main objective of our service is to achieve the best quality of life for you, and your loved ones. We understand that your family and friends may have strong feelings about your condition and that may make it difficult for you to express your feelings for fear of upsetting them.

We can help you and your loved ones to discuss your feelings and provide extra support, should your loved ones need to take a break. In addition, we can provide support through periods of bereavement.

We will work closely with other professionals who may be supporting you and your loved ones. We will work in partnership with them to ensure that you experience a seamless and consistent approach to your care.