As an experienced provider of care and care related services, we understand that living with a long term condition and having limited independence can be extremely challenging.

You may fear that as your condition progresses the options for maintaining your independence are limited to moving in to a nursing or residential home.

Handle With Care (Black Country) Limited is able to provide access to a wide range of qualified and experienced care professionals with specific skills, tailored to your complex care requirements. They will be able to support you to maintain as much of your independence as possible by continuing to live in your own home.

Who is Complex Care for?

Our complex care services are most suited to individuals who:

  • Require long term support in their home as a result of physical or learning disabilities
  • Are about to return home from hospital and are faced with a long term recovery process
  • Have significant nursing and clinical care needs that need to be continually monitored
  • Suffer from degenerative conditions and have long term care needs

If you are unsure whether this service is suited to you, please contact a member of our Care at Home Team who will be happy to discuss your specific requirements and advise you of the service that best suits your needs.