About us

Handle With Care (Black Country) Limited is a well-established, innovative and highly respected company providing care services that combine our professional expertise in homecare with a personal flexible approach.

We believe that individuals have a right to expect safe, effective, and compassionate, high-quality care. Our primary focus has, and always will be, the delivery of personalised care solutions that enable individuals to get the best out of life – so every person we support and every person who works for us can achieve their potential.


We have been helping individuals maintain their independence and wellbeing within the comfort of their own home for nearly twenty years. By understanding the needs of those we support and those of the family and friends around them we have been able to develop a unique approach that is personalised and offers solutions that promote choice, control, dignity, independence and well being. We help identify personal goals and important outcomes that enable people to have a say in how they receive care and support.

We respond to an individual’s diverse needs by understanding them as an individual. We recognise that everyone is different, and that needs change.

Our strength is in the range of services we offer.

Our support packages vary. We offer a wide range of fully flexible one –to-one services tailor made to the needs of the individual. Care at home visits can be from an hour per week up to 24 hours a day that includes weekends and holidays.

Handle With Care (Black Country) Limited provides services for a broad range of people including but not limited to:

  • Adults (over 18)
  • Older Adults (65+)
  • People with Learning Disabilities
  • People with Physical Disabilities
  • People with Mental Health Needs

We aim for our workforce to reflect the demographics of the local community – providing culturally and ethnically appropriate services.

We can track individual progress using our monitoring and evaluation software and ensure our staff are matched to an individual’s preference and locality.

We always work closely with individuals, families and commissioners to achieve individual outcomes and to delivery the best quality service possible.

For more information about our services

Call us on: – 01902 546560

Or email admin.blackcountry@hwcbc.co.uk