Our Values

Our values


Our Core Values

Our core values express what Handle with Care (BC) stands for and how we will conduct ourselves as an organisation. Our staff and clients have developed the six core values:

  • We treat our staff, clients and their families with dignity and respect, and we embrace and publicly celebrate diversity.
  • We place the needs and interests of our clients at the centre of everything that we do.
  • We strive to be the best in what we do and how we do it.
  • We will continue to encourage Innovation and creativity, ensuring that our staff are knowledgeable and have the confidence to contribute towards the development of improved and new ways of working.
  • We will create opportunities for our staff to achieve their career aspirations.
  • We will continue to regard clarity and openness of communication as essential to both our organisational stability and success.

Our CORE VALUES underpin our strategies, policies, objectives and procedures by providing an anchor and a reference point for everything that we do.