Our vision and mission

Our mission

Handle with Care (BC) provides a safe, compassionate and outstanding Home Care Support Service which enables clients to retain their independence, dignity and quality of life within their own homes.


Our vision

Our vision is that by 2021, Handle with Care (BC) will be an outstanding provider for care and care related services, which is recognised nationally by local government structures, health and social care stakeholders, clients and their families as the ‘first choice’ care provider which provides the highest standards of care through: 

  • Providing the highest standards of care by placing the specific and personal needs of our clients at the heart of everything that we do.
  • Working in partnership with public, voluntary and private sector organisations in order to ensure our services and practices exceed quality assurance expectations.
  • Supporting and professionally developing our staff in order to ensure they consistently provide a focused, outstanding and passionate caring service to our clients and their families.


Strategic Objectives

  • Provide an outstanding Home Care Service.
  • Maintaining financial strength and stability.
  • Develop an outstanding reputation.
  • Recruit, create, develop and retain a diverse, agile, adaptable and highly qualified workforce that responds effectively to the demands of our clients.